ACE Teams

Chairman: Sri. RAMLAL, ACE College  

Dear Perspective Student

We warmly welcome your decision to be a part of ACE College for Engineering & IT. ACE Group of Institution is an avenue where you can reveal the talents within you. Here your search ends and our search begins... In the new era of professionalism and competition, technology is considered to be heart of human civilization. We have been in this field for past 20 years and consistently providing efficient training programs. Our experienced faculties dedicate their heart and soul to build up talented professionals in this field. Through this program, we are providing specialized area of education at an affordable cost. Once again we thank you for choosing ACE College for Engineering & IT for your career development and to make your dreams come true.
ACE Charioteers
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Administrator: Sri. SATISHKUMAR P, ACE College
Other Team
Co-ordinator: SREEVIDYA M   
(Bharathiar University )   
Education never ends. As you know power of knowledge takes to the zeneith, ACE being the authorized admission cum learning centre / Examination centre welcomes you to persue higher levels in your academic life. May you be in any pace of life like being regular students, house wife, Govt employees, working professionals, businessman; now UGC approved professional courses like MBA, MCA and all PG & UG course Bharathiar University adimissions are just a click away. You are provided with online/offiline classes to excel in studies.
Project Manager: SADANANDAN V
(A/C & Refrigeration / Electrical)
Invention of Electiricity paved the way to develop all the modern amenities we are living in. In this era facing drastic climatic changes Airconditioning have become an inevitable factor leading to higher requirements of qualified technicians in this field. We enhance your technical skill in AC & Refrigeration taking to a whole new chill world. Thousands of our students are employed round the world.
Project Manager: THOUFEEK H   
Hardware & Network Engineering/Mobile Technician
Living in Digital world, none is new to SMART PHONE and COMPUTERS. Our well qualified team take you to the tricky techy universe of mobile and computers with hightech lab facilities.
Head of the Dept: MOHANDAS   
Electronics Department
Spine of todays Digi-world is Electronics. From Radio to Rocket demands skill and knowlegde in Electronics. We invite you with handful experience to rule electronic world.
Head of the Dept: VILASINI   
Mutlimedia Department
Without Information Technology world today is unimaginable. Every moment of life is linked with the sparks of IT. Hence, its mandatory to be educated on its various aspects. Being the gaint in IT education field with 20 years of handful experience we are affiliated to C Dit with Hnbl: Chief Minister as its Chairman and provide Govt. Certified IT courses approved by Kerala PSC to excel in your career.
Head of the Dept: BALAKRISHNAN P
Mutlimedia Department
Visual media is nothing without Graphics. We build your creativity to play with the tools and animate your future. Versatile job oppurtunites are awaiting you in Cine, Advertising, Cartoon world to showcase your talent and earn handsome money.
Project Manager: Shiju Sreedhar   
Media & Visual Effects
The gaining imporatnce of Visual Media prompted us to provide B Sc Visual Communication & MSc Visual Communication under Bharathiar University.
Head of the Dept: PRASEETHA K   
Pre-Primary Teachers Training
As you all know Education starts in Pre-Primary where the little buds starts to bloom. Hence, Pre-Primary teachers are the ones who sprinkle the fragrance to the buds. We train you to be the best teacher to lay strong educational foundation through KELTRON certified TTC course. Lets work together for a passionate Nation.
Cordinator: SUNITHA   
The stepping stone to your higher education is PLUS TWO. Hence, its more important to complete your basic education through NIOS. Students who are asparants to get higher education, but are not PLUS TWO qualified can grab it by just writing 5 papers and get Kerala PSC approved Central Govt. certification from National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS).

Phone Directories

Administrator – SATISHKUMAR P
A/C & Refrigeration / Electrical Project Manager – SADANANDAN V
Hardware & Network Engineering/Mobile Technician Project Manager – THOUFEEK H
Electronics Department Head of the Dept – MOHANDAS
IT Department Head of the Dept – VILASINI
Mutlimedia Department Head of the Dept - BALAKRISHNAN P
Media & Visual Effects Project Manager – Shiju Sreedhar
Pre-Primary Teachers Training Head of the Dept - PRASEETHA K
Open PLUS TWO Cordinator – SUNITHA
PMKY Projects Project Director – DEVADAS R
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